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youngwhalesPosted for youngwhales Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago2 min read


Whaleshares is ours, you, me, the users. Getting started here may not be easy for our grandma but not impossible! The main difficulty new members are facing is the low DaBa they get, at first a new members can only make a few comment or a very short post.

We trust YOU, we trust you if you onboard a friend or family members here on the platform and we want to help you get them started. And that's the goal of our referral program: get tipped to onboard any new real user and we will also tip the new account with a bunch of love!

I'm in, how does it work ?

Simple, help a friend to create an account. Notice us with a comment on this post - so we can claim stake to his new created account before he/she does a lovely #introduceyourself post.

After he/she did a intro post, we will welcome the post with some great tips from all our supporters and YOU will get a 200 WLS tip for you referral.

Creating an account for your friend

From your Whaleshares wallet you can instantly create a new account, that want need any witness approval but it will cost you some WLS. If you are going this way to onboard a friend and you miss liquid WLS, please get in touch in the comments, we will surely found a way!

If you use the standard signup process at https://signup.whaleshares.io - Then fill up the optionnal "about" box and mention @youngwhales and this referral initiative as well as who is the referrer.

Missing WLS to join our pod ?

Easy, comment on the public post linked below and we will send you liquid WLS :whale2:



Free to use cover image from Pixbay and modified by @youngwhales team

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