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Yensesa token pool : Starting this Thursday

yensesaPosted to Public2 years ago2 min read

What are Yents?

YENTS, also known as the Yensesa Token, is Yensesa's cryptocurrency. It is the underlying token powering the overall Yensesa ecosystem. Users of the Yensesa exchange platform can pay trading fees using YENT.

How can you get Yents?

  • By winning in contests/shows sponsored by Yensesa
  • By converting bts, steem/sbd or Cedis/Naira into Yents.
  • By buying directly from bitshares/rudex using this link or this.
  • Finally, by joining the Yents pool.

The Yents pool?

Joining the pool
Pool is opened for joining on Thursdays. At 10:59pm GMT/11:59pm GMT+1, pool will be closed and any token sent after that will be returned.

To join the pool, send any amount in WLS only to @yensesa on Whaleshares with your Yensesa wallet address as memo.

Token distribution

Yents will be distributed for a 5 days period starting the Friday after pool closes i.e.Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

How much do you get each day?

This depends on the amount you sent to the pool, you get that same amount in YENT every day for 5 days.
E.g - If you sent 1000 WLS into the pool, you will get 1000 YENTS everyday for the 5 days - Making 5000 YENT.

What to do with Yents

  • Use it as transaction fees when trading on our platform.
  • Use it to summon the Yensesa account to boost your post. It may interest you to know that @black-man's whalestakes is backing the @yensesa account when summoned. In other words, when you summon @yensesa with Yents, you get not only @yensesa and @yensesa-witness' shares, you also get @black-man's share.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to join the pool this Thursday! Don't miss out on this great deal.



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