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Sesacash Reward System: Earn by promoting and building Sesacash

yensesaPosted to Public2 months ago


We are a platform that makes the interest of our community a priority, thereby we are constantly looking for ways to give back to our ever-supportive community.

To start the new year, we have earmarked some amount of our token, the Yent (YNT) to reward users who participate in the following activities.

  1. Social media promotion: This will include tweets, Facebook, and other viral messages made by community members. Invite people to sign up on Sesacash.com and get rewarded.
    Rewards: Maximum of 20 YNT per user

  2. Blog posts, articles and other reviews of the app: This involves writing about Sesacash and or reviewing the app and publishing of blogs of your choice.
    Rewards: 50 YNT per post or review.

  3. Promotional and app videos.
    • 100 YNT for quality video on a feature of the, e.g, Complete topup process or KYC process
    • 150 YNT for a full app video showing what Sesacash is and the features
    • 150 YNT for 1–2 minute create promo video about Sesacash

Join us on the following channels:
Discord: https://discord.gg/xdes9qv
Telegram: https://t.me/sesacash


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