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Yensesa Curation Party (Friday 22nd March 2019 )

yensesa-witnessPosted to Publiclast year2 min read

curation party.jpg

You are invited to party with me and other amazing personalities. Dress nice馃槣

Day: March 22nd, 2019
Time: 7pm GMT/8pm GMT+1
Venue: Yensesa discord server

I @bookoons alongside my awe-mazing partner @aquacy, we'll be waiting for you every Fridays at 7:00pm GMT/8pm GMT+1. Come join us, let's party.

During the party,
Community members, will present their post. After presentations;

  1. The community will vote on the best 3 post
    1st - 50 Yent
    2nd - 30 Yent
    3rd - 10 Yent
    All other participants get 10 Yent, once they stay until the show ends.

  2. At least every participant needs to reward or upvote and comment on 3 of the presented post during the party. We will confirm

  3. Each person can present 1 post, so they should select their best post from any of the supported platforms for the week to present and win.

  4. Curation Party Team will release a post on the party, announcing the top 3 winners selected by the community and all other
    presented links. Do well to check these posts.

  5. After the curation party's post, @desmond80 will distribute the souveniers to all participants and wallets into their Yensesa wallet (if you don't have one, go to yensesa.com to create one)

Quick reminder of party code;.

  • If you are presenting via text, be ready so you can drop your text on the dashboard within 10 seconds, at the 15th second, you'll be moved to the last participant.
  • 1minutes 30 seconds for your presentation via voice; introduce yourself and tell us about your post, remember it's a party so we gotta mingle馃槝
  • Participants can ask presenters questions related to their post within a minute after which we move on to the next post.
  • All participants must indicate their interest by 7:20 GMT/8:20 GMT+1

You can now boost your whaleshares posts using the Y'power option on your Yensesa dashboard.

This will be reviewed every month as the price of YENT goes up, just to make sure that you are making profit using YENT for upvotes.

Thank you

See you at the party!


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