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Voice Token Finally Launching on EOS Mainnet

xyzashuPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago2 min read

Hello friends!

How was your day today?
Hope you're all well & safe during this year's biggest dip in the crypto market. I hope it will recover soon.

So what did you buy in this dip?

I understand that when so many coins are on sale, it becomes a difficult choice for which one to pick. At least, that's the case for me.

EOS dipped as low as $3 but it hardly attracted many eyes. Many big hodlers of EOS had already sold their holdings. However, I've a hunch that EOS is going to perform from here on.

Do you remember Voice.com?
When Voice social network launched on EOSIO, it annoyed many EOS hodlers when they came to know that VOICE will be launched on its own EOSIO chain and not on EOS Mainnet. But very recently we got to know that VOICE is going to launch on EOS Mainnet.


Ref.: This Tweet

Aside this, last week, Voice Team also announced that they are coming up with native NFTs.


Thus if Voice becomes a success, EOS will be benefitted too. But whether or not Voice can become a mainstream social network is a big "if" that only time would tell.

Do you have an account with Voice?
How many of you are active on Voice?

Although I still haven't opened my account there, I'm thinking to get one. So if you're active there, do drop a link to your profile for me to follow.

See you!

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