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Unexpected Shock - My Wallet Topper Now is a Meme Coin!

xyzashuPosted for Everyone to comment on, 9 months ago

Well, I always stayed away from meme coins. But I had "invested" some funds in this "me-too" meme coin a few months back. Well, not as an investment but purely as a matter of fun and to participate in donations to animal charities.

When I opened the CoinGecko app, I was pleasantly shocked to see this coin topping my portfolio out of nowhere. Surprised as I was, I had to open at least 3 more dashboards to confirm its value. Everyone of them endorsed that $SHIBA is my top holding in the wallet today.


I had never imagined this day when my DeBank will show Shiba as my "biggest crypto investment"!!! Don't know if I look foolish or a good investor!

But please don't buy this SHIBA on Fantom Opera as I may dump it if it goes higher. You're warned! 😜 (Thanks to @cherie, I haven't sold any yet).

Yes, no doubt, this bull run is not yet over and still has a lot of steam. Let's all become at least a crypto millionaire this bull run.
Good luck and a happy World Vegan Day to all of you!

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