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'Kryptisk Verdi' - A Norwegian interview I was featured in about crypto!

xtetrahedronPosted 2 years ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read

Back in 2014 I was living 100% of cryptocurrency investments for a while. Because of this I was asked to talk in a physical Norwegian magazine about where I saw the future of crypto heading. The magazine was sold and distributed in Norway for a period in 2014.


I will include the entire article below, but for my English readers I will supply this shortened down description as the interview only exists in Norwegian:

The interview revolves around mainly me and a guy from the biggest bank in Norway (DNB) and our viewpoints on Bitcoin. The guy from the bank had a very narrow view on the entire crypto space. His main argument was that it was not backed by anything. He explains it as a bubble that will burst.

I on the other hand state that I believe people will gravitate towards decentralized options over time. I thoroughly explain why Blockchain and decentralized technologies can bank the third world, and that they are a great way to transfer money across borders. Those two seemed to be the most tangible use cases back then that most normies could wrap their head around.

I also get some questions about the use of Bitcoin in illegal markets, where I simply say I don't believe that's a main motivater for the growth we had seen in the crypto space at all. This was back around when all the news mostly had heard about Bitcoin trough other news about Silkroad over here in Norway. In the real in person interview I expressed that Fiat money is already doing a great job for criminal organizations but they did not add that to the print.

When asked if I believe everyone will use Bitcoin in the future I answer "not necessarily Bitcoin but the concept of cryptocurrency for sure".

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