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Discord SpokenWord Show Episode #12|| Identity - Who Am I?

wolfgang-alphaPosted to Publiclast year3 min read

Hello everyone,

A beautiful Saturday morning to you from this part of the world. As is my custom on Saturdays, I'm here to announce the theme of tomorrow's show, so you can get your entries ready.
For those just coming across this post, a brief description of what the show is and how it works can be found below.. We love having new participants on the show, the more the merrier.

Image Created by @Jacobite

How it works.

For those who are just finding out, this show is quite simple. Every week a post would be dropped containing the theme of the show(ie. This post) . Participants are to come up with a poem or a short story/prose using this theme. Then during the show, contestants are to introduce themselves, tell us what the theme means to them and share your entry on voice.

Yes!!! You have to read it for us to hear.

The aim of the show is to create both a learning and challenging environment to help us all become better writers and better word artist. So come prepared to learn, to be better, to win some tokens and to have fun all at the same time.

Note that you are not allowed to post your write up on your blog until after the show, and #dsw has to be your first tag alongside #v3 and #scribbleguild when posting it.

Prompt for this week is
Identity - Who Am I?

Often times we question ourselves about who we are, why we are the way we are, and we forget that we have to accept ourselves first even as we are or even as we start a quest to find this out.. This theme is an avenue for you to express and for you to accept, so I'll see you by 6pm gmt on Sunday (tomorrow) as we all ponder and accept.

How to participate/Rules to Adhere to.

Participation is quite simple, just follow these few steps.

  • Upshare this post, so others too can see it
  • Get your entry ready, No NSFW
  • Join us on Official Whaleshares Discord Server Here
  • Be there at 6 pm GMT tomorrow
  • Head over to #Live-events text and voice channel, and indicate if you would be contesting.
  • It will be a voice and text session so do well to mute your mic and be ready to contribute intelligently.
  • Entries should be related to the theme..
  • In a bid to finish up early, all those interested in sharing have to indicate so, in the first 20 minutes of the show.


Like I said earlier, everyone is a winner, both participants and attendees.

We have 400 krazykoins worth of upshares for everyone
Alongside 400 Dbread worth of upshares...
That's a lot of upshares just there for you...

Can't wait to meet you there

P.S. If you like this initiative and would like to encourage the authors, you can drop by the shows official tag #dsw and drop a comment or a share on entries you like.


This show is made possible by a group of amazing individuals.

@krazykrista supporting with krazykoin.

@vit supporting with dbread tokens.

Do vote their witnesses here https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses
@krazywitness, @dbread-witness
They have been quite helpful..


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