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Carnival of Corpses - v1.0.8 - Christmas Update & Final Update for Now.

wlsgamesPosted to Public5 months ago2 min read


Hello Whales :)

We are happy to introduce yet another update to Carnival of Corpses, featuring several changes in both visuals and mechanics. Unfortunately, this update does come with some sad news for us, we here at wlsgames are no longer able to provide updates from our current development machine.

I guess I'll just speak as blue :D so basically, my computer is pretty dead at this point, and no longer able to keep up with unreal engines impressive power. When working with the software, I get about ten to fifteen minutes before my screen goes black and my machine turns off :joy: It is old. It is the way of things. Simply unfortunate.

To the people who have been playing the game, @woodzi, @penderis, etc, you guys rock, and I hope these changes improve some things for you, though it's nowhere near where I imagined finishing. I am not yet finished of course, when I do upgrade my machine, I will of course be excited to release more, however this is all that can be done to date :(

Thank you to everyone involved for being awesome players, beta testers, bug hunters, and more :)
WLS Games

What's New?

  • Carnival Rides now cost ZWLS to ride. This effect is NOT server sided, and will not affect you outside of the current game. This choice was made to speed development, as well as to ensure a beginner cannot use the rides without limit.

Visual Changes

  • World Skylight Brightened. From 2.7 Lux to 3.0
  • Zombies Reskinned (Bit cartooney, would like to know if you guys like these better or worse.) Can now be seen from across the map.
  • New Ground Texture. Just a touch of Realism.
  • Christmas Decorations :)


What I forgot?

To add the new graphic icon, so you all have to deal with that crappy paint drawing a while longer :joy:

Haha now I think about it, I will likely remove the christmas trees near January 15th, as this won't take much effort. Maybe change the graphic if I remember :shrug: Thank you all for your time, and I hope you enjoy the update.


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