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Carnival of Corpses -- Update Discussion

wlsgamesPosted to Public5 months ago2 min read

Hey There Zombie Killers!

We're here today to open up a bit of a discussion, regarding the next update. I'd like to have it out for next week, so, if anyone has any input or suggestions, feel free to drop em in the comments below :)


Brightened Map & Textures

Will be going through many of the lighting features to ensure everything is better lit, and the player can have a proper visual experience. My original goal was darklit, but I will be going for more of a lit up carnival theme in the next update.

Daily Rewards

Will be putting together the Daily Rewards API for both High Score Holders, and all other players.
High Score Holders will be rewarded with Liquid WLS Daily, as well as double any prizes that the rest get.
All Players will be able to make a daily claim of ZWLS( (Our In Game Currency), provided they log into their account once per day.


We will think of more things to add in here over the week, I know I am forgetting a few already, but perhaps some of you readers have something to share? As mentioned, the comments are open for discussion :)

  • Quit to Main Menu from Pause (Thanks @woodzi!)
  • Retry and Quit to Main Menu from Game Over (Thanks @woodzi!)


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