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Have you ever imagined how life will be if we are all united? Have you ever thought of a world where there are no ethnic crises, tribal clashes or racism? Most times when we talk about the troubles in nations, we discover it is because of lack of love. Love is the foundation of unity. Let me share a story to make this more interesting.

An aged man was about to die so he wrote a letter to his seven children to come stay with him. He was a man who engaged in missions in different countries of the world but now retired. He had seven children from seven different women from different countries and races. After much persuasion, their mother allowed them to visit him.

When they got to the house, he was happy to live his last days with them. After so many days in the mansion, he became frustrated with their behaviours. They fought and disagreed. He called them one evening to his room and whispered something to his aide. The aide went out and came back with a broom. As instructed, he gave each of the children a broom.

"My children, I know it is strange for all of you to be in the same place at the same time. You never knew you had brothers so I understand the differences but I want you to do something for me."

They all paid attention. The father looked at their faces and was glad so he continued.

"I want all of you to break the broomstick in your hand."

They all broke the broomsticks easily. The father smiled and collected the big broom from his aide and handed it over to his eldest son.

"Can you please break this broom for me?"

He tried with all his strength but he couldn't. He passed to his younger ones but none of them could break the broom. The father smiled and sat down.

"From the little exercise we did now, you can see how easy it is to break a broom stick but very hard to break a broom. This means, we can easily be defeated as a person. If broomstick unites to be a broom, it will be hard to break. I want all of you to be united as my children so we can achieve alot together.

The children heeded to their father's advice. They started by loving eachother as a unit, as brothers. This radiated to the way they acted in the house and when the man finally died, they stood united against the man's extended family that wanted to stand up and take over their father's properties.

If we can love each other deeply then we can stay united. Unity encourages division of labour among people. Take a look at unity on wls-africa, we have moderators, teachers and many more taking up different positions to support the platform. This unity has kept us standing against oppositions, threats and differences. Unity encourages peace, love and understanding.

There is a saying that goes thus:

United we stand, divided we fall.

This is one of the simplest yet powerful statement. Unity can help us overcome racism, tribal clashes, ethnic crisis, domestic abuse and other social vices. Do you know some private colleges kick against student unionism because the authorities fear what unity of students can do? It will be hard for the authorities to force unjust rules down their throats. If we want a safe and peaceful country, we should love each other in unity.

Happy Tuesday To You All.

Written By @imbigdee and Edited by @chinyerevivian

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