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Have You Loved?

Written for Wls-Africa
Authored by @zizymena

***For love is goodhearted, warm and light. She could be likened to the crystal clear waters of the sea, Or a white fabric, newly woven.***
***Love has patience, Standing tall through tests, Defying time. She holds no record of shortcomings But relieves herself of the heavy burden of grudges.***
***Love does not will her neighbor's belongings be hers. She does not look upon her sister with green eyes Neither does she rejoice in evil.***
***Love celebrates beauty And helps remold the ugly. She celebrates in times of rejoicing And is solemn, in times of weeping.***
***Love is just, unbiased, true, Immune to bribery, And shuns bad influence.***
***Love gives, For it is the first language she speaks. Love cares for her neighbor With her words, with her deeds, with her possessions.***
***She speaks through deeds, Consequently affirming with words. Have you loved?***


One Love We Share

Edited By @warpedwhale

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