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Hello, Whales,

It's time to reveal those whose post we appreciate today. These posts inspire and instruct and since we are about sharing rewarding and sharing excellence, we thought you'd like this.


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A motivational poem, of seven stanzas, with rhymes, telling us a story from the state of sleep to the point where we are fully awake to the day's possibilities. It takes a funny stride on how we should approach things, telling us it's okay to cry, as long as we give it a try. We find this piece particularly interesting, as it combines comedy with motivation.

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It's not everyday you see sculptures made with sand. We've always seen it as a mystery. We just found a writer that can make them. We weren't convinced at first, not until we asked. He also stated what inspired each sculptures. This is talent and brilliancy, we must confess.

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Want to know how to manage your team members? Then this post is a must read. It takes a look at all possible team members personalities, their strengths and as well as their weaknesses, making it easy for you to deal with each member creatively, knowing where you need to give them a little push.

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We enjoy learning new things and despite the fact that the post did not make use of the wls-africa tag, we found it an interesting read. It is good to know the differences between the eastern bee and the English variant as well as learn how it survives against wasps. Definitely worth the read.

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There you have them, the beautiful posts we thought to display today. Hope you read, reward and share them. Remain wonderful and don't forget to use the wls-africa tag.


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