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#70 Whaleshares Africa Daily Curation

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Hello, Whales,

It's time to reveal those whose post we appreciate today. These posts inspire and instruct and since we are about sharing rewarding and sharing excellence, we thought you'd like this.


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One of the beautiful drawings we came across. This one has less payouts, so we believe it deserves bigger rewards. The user drew everything with a pencil; no painting of any kind. We find it really amazing.

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Deals with a question many of us fail to think of; will our natural resources get depleted? This post explains the process of formation of rocks and how fast we consume it.

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the poetry was a bit chunky we enjoyed it. We feel that the writer can do more if he takes writing seriously

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This is a follow up of a previous post on maize cultivation. This farmer gave a heart felt detailed concern for his crop against pest.

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Other Post Curated

There you have them, the beautiful posts we thought to display today. Hope you read, reward and share them. Remain wonderful and don't forget to use the wls-africa tag.


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