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Hello, Whales,

It's weekend with your favorite community as we share with you 6 great post we found and this thrilled us enough and we reward them.



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  • Are aware that garbage can be use as some of electrical power? Oh Its strange to you. Its our believe that without electricity a city and even the world at large cannot survive in this 21century. However, @wlsglass opened our understanding to the use of that same garbage that seems useless to each and everyone of us the usage produce energy. Isn't that interesting.. Check the post titled Shortage Of Energy Cities

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  • @mbj's post titled What Is A Block In The Blockchain gives a detailed insight into what blocks mean in blockchain, the components that makes it work and the processes.

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  • You need to check this post how a special fish attacks the pallus when you try to urinate in the habitat... @rickie's post reveal how the fish is more dreaded than the piranha... Read his mind on the post Here

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  • A life article with a simple yet profound perspective about giving and sharing. The writer states a convincing case about little acts of kindness meaning much more than larger but infrequent sharing. Check the mind revealed via the post titled Your actions Say A Lot.

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Other posts which we also consider beautiful include;

These are some beautiful posts we thought to display today. Read, reward and share them while remaining wonderful and if you share excellence in your posts, don't forget to use the wls-africa tag.


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