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Hello, Whales,

It's time to reveal those whose post we appreciate today. These posts inspire and instruct and since we are about sharing rewarding and sharing excellence, we thought you'd like this.


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  • @synick shares with us, in The Pressure Cooker – an imperative for Mountaineers, the reason why the pressure cooker is not just the best friend to the housewife, but also to the mountaineer too. He shares the knowledge of the effect of atmospheric pressure on the boiling point of substances. He lets us know that that is the phenomenon behind the pressure cooker. Go on, read, and get the whole story.

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  • MUSIC BENEATH THE MOON: A POEM. In this vivid poem, @warpedwhale shares the dance of youth, complete with its exuberance and agility. He paints the moves, the trickling sweat, the energy which fuels the dance of the young, he captures how, with time, the music ceases and the land turns barren. This is a poem worth digesting.

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  • It's the beginning of the year, and though many are brimming with new year resolutions, deep down they are confused on how to go about them. @imbigdee shares his tricks in this motivating piece he tagged TAKE M.A.L.T FOR A PRODUCTIVE YEAR. His tips which are to aid in achieving our set goal are powerful if adhered to. Go check them out and get started on those goals.

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*This piece, Mode Of THANKSGIVING, is all about the art of thanksgiving and how it is to be practised until perfected. @ammy teaches and shows the reason why Thanksgiving should be practised and then suggests ways to go about it. She reveals some overlooked aspects of the art and makes us see that it is not so hard an art after all if we all work on the art of Thanksgiving.

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There you have them, the beautiful posts we thought to display today. Hope you read, reward and share them. Remain wonderful and don't forget to use the wls-africa tag.


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