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#64 Whaleshares Africa Daily Curation

wls-africa2 months ago2 min read

Hello Whales,

Happy new week!

Welcome to today's exhibition by your favourite community...

We have 3 posts for today.



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Knowing Some First-Aid to Help Your Friend or Yourself - Life Skills Gr-2-3 by @anneke

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This post gave us insight about the basic first aid we might need in taking care of ourselves and others in case of minor injuries such as burns, cuts and nosebleeds. He outlined the treatments process step by step for each of those injuries.

2019 - A New Dawn, A New Year by @momogrow

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A life post that put new year resolutions into a newer more attractive and more achievable perspective.

Waiting on Your Hands by @humoalexwhale

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This piece of poetry, although not arranged in uniform stanzas, but even that doesn't dim the quality of the poem. It has a great use of rhymes and words too. And the images are well sourced.

There you go guys, do well to read the posts and encourage the authors with your upshares and comments. Keep using the wls-africa tag , you'll get featured too. Cheers!

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