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wls-africa2 months ago2 min read

Hello Whales,

Welcome to weekend post's exhibition by your favourite community...

We have 7 interesting posts cutting across different niches.



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The Changes That Resident Evil Underwent by @syberia

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The writer showed us how the game has advanced over the years, starting from Resident evil 6 where he revealed the settings and images were good. He showed what isn't too good about the game too; the characters pick and throw little objects as if it's a bomb or a bigger weapon. He explained what is cool and not cool about all the resident evil games. I believe he stands a chance to get high rewards.

Stuck Flash Fiction by @see-sladen

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This was a well crafted flash fiction that was able to convey the protagonist's heart ache and hurt with a few words.

Green World A Planet Without Waste Nemesis by @captainphilips

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Seriously, we need to start looking at the pollution level in our environment. It's getting higher by the day and becoming making both the soul and the air more dangerous to live on.

This post brought Out solutions to that.

Holding On Or Flash Fiction by @chinyerevivian

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This piece is a flash fiction that shows how life can toss one around up to the point of giving up but then again there's at least one person to live for which makes us hold on to life while living one day as it comes

Other posts that got curated;

There you go guys, do well to read the posts and encourage the authors with your upshares and comments. Keep using the wls-africa tag , you'll get featured too. Cheers!

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