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#62 Whaleshares Africa Daily Curation

wls-africa2 months ago2 min read

Hello Whales,

Welcome to today's exhibition by your favourite community...

We have 7 interesting posts cutting across different niches.



Weird And Wonderful Flowers in Nature by @bigbear

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This post has a video clip that shows 10 strange looking flowers just as the topic implies.

A Better Look at Onions by @brigeet

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She talks about the different types of onions, their benefits and how to cook them.

3 Things That May Cease to Exist Few Years to Come by @opeyemil

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This is expository post on technology. The extinction of old and new systems to take over. Will those three things cease to exist in few years to come?

I am Dead by @prechyrukky

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I'm not a fan of religious posts, but this one touched me. I like the fact that you played with the title; I wanted to know what killed you. I was thinking you slapped a soldier or pushed a girl carrying two crates of eggs. 😁 But at the end, I came to realize your old self is dead. You started with a story, and I like the suspense. Good job here.

Other posts that got curated;

There you go guys, do well to read the posts and encourage the authors with your upshares and comments. Keep using the wls-africa tag , you'll get featured too. Cheers!

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