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So you're interested in earning some WLS while you shop?

Well, that's a great idea and you'll also be helping to support Whaleshares in the process!

When you purchase something through our Amazon affiliate links, we will use 75% of the revenue to purchase WLS from the market and give it back to you in your account as a tip. We will be leaving the rudex.wls that we purchase on the Bitshares exchange to trade even with people that are trying to use the WLS to pay for things but can't afford the exorbitant fees and minimums to get their WLS onto the dex.

This will help Whaleshares in a few ways. It will show the volume of tokens traded going up while raising the price of WLS at the same time. It may also bring new people in by enticing them with a way to earn crypto from doing their regular shopping. It will also help because the 25% we are keeping will be held to try and help WLS get on a bigger exchange someday. We will probably convert it to BTC or whatever coin seems like the best investment and when the time comes that we have a chance to get on a real exchange, we might have some collateral to help with. If it isn't needed then the funds will be put towards advertising and marketing ventures in conjunction with what the community feels is the best course.

So what do you need to do?

You need to go to my blog support page and click on either the amazon.ca ad or the amazon.com ad. If you don't see the ads, you may have an ad blocker on as @merej99 figured out for us so I added in some links under the ads that should work for you.

When you click on those they will embed our store id into the Amazon page and anything you buy from Amazon in the next 24 hours will be credited to our store. If you put an item in your cart it will give you 30 days to purchase it and credit it to us. After 30 days the store id is removed.

If you shop on Amazon in any other countries...

...let us know what ones and we can try to get affiliate accounts for that country as well. It might entail getting an international bank account or something but we will figure that out later. I will try to stockpile a bunch of liquid WLS to use as payments for purchases because some places want to mail you a cheque after you reach a certain amount (Amazon.com is $100USD) and it might take a long time until we get that so at least you can get your WLS payment right away.

You don't shop on Amazon but would like to help?

A huge help would be to add our banner at the bottom of your posts. I will add the code here:

<a href="https://whaleshares.io/@whamazon/here-s-how-it-works"><img src="https://img.whaleshares.io/wls-img/whamazon/670a2adb60e8d22c6ec7f0ced8fa66260b934605.gif"></a>

You can copy it and paste it into your post at the bottom and it will look like this:

It will bring anyone that clicks it back to this page and they can learn how to earn themselves some WLS for shopping at Amazon. Do you see the cycle? Hopefully, everyone else does too.

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