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馃挵 Whaleshares Sharedrop Claim Period 2 is Now Open - Instructions Inside!

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Still haven't claimed your WLS Sharedrop?

Our goal is to maximize the fair distribution of WLS to everyone who has a qualifying claim, so we are happy to announce a second claim period is now open. Remember, if you were holding at least 1.25 BTS or 1 WHALESHARE or 1 BROWNIE.PTS in your Bitshares account at the time of the snapshot on August 1, 2018, you are qualified to make a claim.

馃搮 This second claim period will run for 30 days and end on October 25 at 23:59:59 UTC. Claims will be subject to a 5% reduction during this second claim period. Example: If your original sharedrop was 100 WLS, you will now receive 95 WLS.

If you have not done so already, please use the WLS Sharedrop service to claim your reserved WLS (as vested WHALESTAKE) to your Whaleshares.io account.

Instructions are provided below.

Sharedrop Claims to Date

The initial sharedrop claim period had a 27% claim rate with 938 BTS accounts claiming 5,634,036.175 WLS. As reported, the 10% Dev Team sharedrop was distributed and staked as required. This brings the total claim up to 7,734,036.175 WLS, with 13,265,963.83 WLS unclaimed.

Errant Claim Refunds

As promised, any invalid claim attempts due to BTS accounts not included in the claim being used, incorrect MEMOs being sent, or incorrect claiming fees being sent have been refunded.

345 accounts have been refunded, with 1271.17526 BTS and 6216 WHALESHARES returned to the respective sender's accounts.

To claim your WLS Sharedop:

1) Go to https://wls.services

2) Enter your Bitshares account name and click "Check Bitshares Account".

If your account is included in the snapshot you will see your claim information listed.

3) Leave the box UNchecked if you are creating a NEW account.
Check the box ONLY if you are claiming to a Whaleshares account you already own.

Enter the user name you want to check (or use if you have it already) and click "Check Available".

It will turn green if the account is available.

4) Next you will need to generate your account keys. Click the "Generate Random Keys" button.

You will be given a set of PRIVATE keys to your account. Save these in a text file to an external SD Card or USB drive, or write them down and save them in a secure place. IF YOU LOSE THEM, YOU LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AND ANY FUNDS YOU HAVE. There is no way to recover accounts without the keys.

5) Click the "Show Me The MEMO" button to create your claim memo. This is the memo you will use to send the required WHALESHARE tokens to the claim account on the Bitshares DEX. Copy and save this memo so you have it.

The number of WHALESHARE tokens required and the Bitshares account to send them to is provided at the bottom.

6) Go to your Bitshares account to verify your account and claim any WLS tokens you are due from the sharedrop. You will need to include the supplied MEMO and send 1 WHALESHARE token as shown on the claim form to the wlsbts Bitshares account.

7) Wait for the Bitshares transaction to be confirmed and finalize, usually less than a minute. You can then go to http://Whaleshares.io and log in to your Whaleshares account using your Posting Key.

You will see your WLS sharedrop claim applied to your account as vested WHALESTAKE.

馃帀 That's it!

You can now begin using the Whaleshares platform, rewarding and sharing content by other members, and create your own content.

# The door is always open,
come join us anytime!
**Stay tuned for official announcements in the coming days and weeks.** https://discord.gg/3pqBXKY

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