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Update: Small Changes and a New Tool

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Update: Small Changes and a New Tool

Small changes are still being rolled out every couple of days to fix things that are broken and change things to make them more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

This work is being carried out by a very small group, and anyone is welcome to contribute. Some community requested code has already been merged.

A new tool has been created that promotes synergy between other projects and social networks. It will also help to make onboarding easier. We will provide more information on this in a future update.

Some of the Recent changes include:

  • Memo is now visible on Tips Sent/Received Pages and in Notifications

  • Fixed Known Logout and Alternate Login Issues Related to Notification Displayed

  • Markup is limited for comments, Larger Fonts are now Disabled

  • Updated Interests Display

  • Removed Tip Slider, New Tip Icon


The current front end changes were executed by @alexpmorris and @ijmmaiwitness.

To view a full list of recent changes and progress or contribute to the project

Check out the project's gitlab:


Feel free to visit us on Discord with any ideas, input or questions:


The door is always open, come join us anytime!



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