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Update: Changes to the Frontend - Details Inside

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The Community has Spoken: We Agree.

Now that WhaleShares has been fully open-sourced, it also grants us greater flexibility over those who misbehave on the front-end.

While spammers can still post censorship-free to the chain based on their stake in the system, this behavior cannot be allowed on a front-facing website that will always have its domain controlled by a single entity, subject to the local laws where it's domiciled.

Those who control whaleshares.io pledge to use this "power" as sparingly as necessary, and never to squash those seeking to fairly exert their personal right to free speech. However, that "right" stops at the point that it impairs others from also expressing their right to free speech, such as by splashing disruptive graffiti all over public streets, buildings, and monuments.

No single user will be allowed to drown out other voices in a sea of spam designed for no other purpose than to disrupt and potentially destroy the community around them.

To that end, the latest front-end changes feel a bit like a power move. Unfortunately, as has often been witnessed, such "power" tends to be a slippery slope, where much of big tech now takes full advantage of their power to block or shadow ban any voice that does not fit the narratives they wish to promote.

That can never happen with Whaleshares, and here's why. Now that the front-end is open source, users also have the power to keep us honest. Any spammer who feels their posts were unfairly targeted is welcome to fork the Whaleshares front-end, and manage it ANY WAY THEY LIKE on their very own domain. Any users who agree with the spammer are free to use this alternative interface instead. wlsdickpicks.io, here we come!

All jokes aside

Just as we highly recommend protecting your private keys by using the WhaleVault extension, this is an absolute necessity when accessing your Whaleshares account from any other site, especially one you don't fully trust.

With that said, we hope you enjoy this latest update, and look forward to seeing where we can all go from here, together!

Updates: Changes to the Frontend

  • well known spam disrupters globally muted
  • Pods can now be muted from the pod profile page
  • Mute now works for posts and comments
  • Pod browser sorted by member_count
  • Search bar adjusted to better match layout

The door is always open, come join us anytime!




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