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馃摚 Something EPIC is Coming to Whaleshares!

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It's Coming... Sooner Than You Think!

There is so much going on behind the scenes as we prepare to take Whaleshares into uncharted waters. Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and an Endless stream of opportunity is being created for our users as we begin to throttle up the true power of DPOS.

Keep in mind the goals outlined in the Official Whalepaper, Build YOUR Friends Network, Share YOUR Interests, Stake YOUR Claim!

Something EPIC is coming to Whaleshares and the clues are hiding in plain sight. Look with an open mind, look Beyond Bitcoin!

How strong is YOUR stake on Whaleshares?

The door is always open,
come join us anytime!

Stay tuned for official announcements in the coming days and weeks.

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