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馃摚 Something BIG is Coming to Whaleshares!

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It's Coming... Are you Ready?

We have come a long way in just 6 short months. Development of the next update to the Whaleshares platform is well under way and moving at a rapid pace as we work towards the goals outlined in the Official Whalepaper.

More than just a blogging platform, Whaleshares has always been intended to be a Friends Network based on Community, Cross-Chain Synergy, and Social Sharing. It's in our history, it's in our name.

Additionally, something REALLY BIG is coming to Whaleshares and the clues are hiding in plain sight. After-all, staking IS the new mining.

Have you staked YOUR claim on Whaleshares?

The door is always open,
come join us anytime!

Stay tuned for official announcements in the coming days and weeks.

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