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Keeping You Updated: Small Front End Changes

whalesharesPosted to Friends2 months ago


Small Front End Changes

Work Continues to fix things that are broken and change things to make them more user friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

This work is being carried out by a very small group, and anyone is welcome to contribute. Some community requested code has already been merged.

Recent changes include:

  • minor changes to podlist and notifications.

  • default set to cnc chain for those with small stake.

  • fixed blue highlight on tipped/shared in feeds

  • reflect more recent posts in Recommended Posts section

  • fix for pod news feed.

The current front end changes were executed by @alexpmorris and @ijmmaiwitness, many thanks to them both.

To view progress or contribute to the project

Check out the project's gitlab:


Feel free to visit us on Discord with any ideas, input or questions:


The door is always open, come join us anytime!



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