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Whaleshares Update

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Whaleshares Update

Below you will see a summary of some of the recent changes. For a more complete list, all of the recent "commits" to the project can be found here.

Apart from the Signup change, some other changes were made to the front end:

  • Encrypted Memos
  • Removal of Tip icon on own posts and comments
  • Removal of Reply feature on own comments
  • Removal of the fraction digits of the tip amount

Encrypted Memos

Whenever you send a memo, along with a tip or a transaction, the memo is stored in plain text on the blockchain. This means your memo is readable for everyone who browses the blockchain explorer.

With restoring the encrypt feature for memos, you are able to send memos that can only be read by the sender and the receiver of the memo.

Encrypted memos have been revamped to not require you to have WhaleVault installed, although it is still highly recommended. The system needs the public posting key of the receiver
(this one is easily grabbed from the chain) and the private posting key of the sender.

To encrypt a tip memo, start it with a hash sign (#). In the blockchain the memo will display as a string of random characters.

Tip memos can be read from either the Tips Sent/Received page, or from the notifications page. To read an encrypted tip memo, simply click on it and the decrypted memo should pop right up so you can read it!

Removal of Tip icon

The Tip icon was removed from a user's personal posts and comments, as there was no use for them. Daily rewards and Tip Balance can be
instantly moved to stake, there is no need to do that through tipping a post or comment. More than a few users have also accidentally
tipped themselves in the past, now there is no chance of that happening again.

Removal of Reply feature

The Reply button has been removed from your own comments, you can still reply to your own posts. We couldn't find a scenario, other than
being in a habit of talking to yourself, to make this a needed feature.

Removal of fraction digits

Total Tip amount on a post or comment displays a whole number from now on. This number is a rounded number. When the Total Tip amount
is 12.567 WLS it will display 13 WLS. The tooltip, activated by hovering, will still display the exact tip amount.

The overall idea of the layout changes is to create a clean(er) layout without losing useful functionality or data.

The door is always open, come join us anytime!




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