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EPIC 馃嚬馃嚟 Thai temple fair x Open-air Market! [+ VLOG!]

waybeyondpadthai5 months ago4 min read

Going anywhere else in Bangkok this week would feel like it鈥檚 a little more quiet than usual (well, I guess) as you know, all the people probably get all excited about the Thai Red Cross charity fair! The event held annually and some of the benefit goes toward the The Thai Red Cross Society. So yes, you have fun and do good at the same time so why wait? Let鈥檚 do this!

What鈥檚 up at the Thai Red Cross Charity Fair?

They got all sorts of things going on. Pretty much like a decent gigantic night market but with a small amusement park going on as well. Oh! and the pond as this time it鈥檚 being held at Lumphini Park, the water monitor heaven! So yes, there鈥檚 a pond there!

Pricey food

One of the things is for sure Food! Thai food! They got all kinds of food sold there at the market. From north to south and from peanuts to deep fried bugs. Yes yes! we eat those here in Thailand and I love it! Though, for dinner, we ended up getting a small plate of spicy instant noodle salad.. Most of the food sold here is quite expensive but I sure do understand. We don鈥檛 just pay for the food but we try to fundraise for the Thai Red Cross Society as well..

I got a water melon smoothie. They claim that there鈥檚 no sugar and it鈥檚 fresh off a garden. I was too tempted!

Play park for cool kids

This is so cool! Every year, one big part of the Thai Red Cross Charity Fair is this play park that has a lot of rides including paddle ducky boat (yes, they got the pool in there wow!) ferris wheel, and the bump cars.

More games

Somehow, they just love to have games in all these charity fairs. Something like, you pay for the balls/stars/eggs all those and pick them. Then when you open those and you get whatever paper says.. You could get a fridge! A bicycle, a pen or a candy! Much much more with your own luck. Ohhhh! You could also buy a bullet, shoot a gun and win some prizes! Bingo too!!


We can鈥檛 forget the shopping part! A lot of people really come here to shop as surprisingly.. Food is kinda pricey but somehow, the products they sell are mostly on sale and pretty cheap. We talking from pet food to undies so yes, all kinds!


There鈥檙e quite many shows all around the fair. Like, singing, dancing, playing instrument and all that. I saw some Thai TV Star also and I didn鈥檛 even know who that was. I was just been told he was one lol.

Whatttt!? A soldier with big bullet and a real plane!

How fun is this Thai Red Cross Charity Fair!! The event was that big and so many games and all but we didn鈥檛 play any of them or did much at all. That many people just made me wanna do none. Maybe just eat and chill..

But hey! If you鈥檙e ever around during this time, check it out! I think my foreign friend was so enjoying the fair as it鈥檚 super local and authentic. All the people were just so energetic and noisy around there. Fun to experience something like that once in a while. Oh!! Usually it cost some THB but this year, they don鈥檛! How kind! Don鈥檛 miss the Thai Red Cross Charity Fair!!!

Address : Thanon Rama IV, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330

Official Thai Red Cross Twitter : https://twitter.com/ThaiRedCross

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