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Excuse me Whaleshares, this is somehow Steem fest related.

waybeyondpadthaiPosted for Everyone to comment on, 3 years ago5 min read


All you can drink BOBA.. Whattttt?

Yes, you heard (read) that right! It's a Boba Party and there will be All you can drink Boba tea for hours!

As mention, please excuse me Whaleshares, this is somehow Steem fest related. I just think, sometimes I see the post here and I don't see it on Steem. Maybe this will help make people see my post a bit more.

.. For those who don't know or don't get the idea of 'Boba Tea'

Boba means 'Boobies'

In Taiwan, BOBA is a slang term used for "big breast" or "big-breasted female". Back in Taiwan, the origin of boba, they use the word zen zu, which literally means "pearl", to refer to the tasty tapioca ball. Regardless, both bobas are good.

by YY | Urban Dictionary

No, "bubble tea" is the Americanized way of saying it. No, it is not gross. It is a flavored tea drink originated in Taiwan that usually contains tapioca "pearls", aka the Boba. You suck the drink through a large straw so you can eat the Boba too.

by Lil_Weirdo_ | Urban Dictionary

Bobalife (MUSIC VIDEO) by Fung Bro




For some of you who have been following my blog/vlog a bit now and then, probably know I open my own boba tea shop with my own brand, THIRSTEA.

It's not regular boba tea you may find elsewhere. It's GUILT-FREE BOBA

THIRSTEA has its own concept of loving the earth and loving yourself when drinking (eating) it.. The finest tea without artificial colouring and smells. Golden Syrup not white sugar. 100% Fresh milk and there are alternative healthy(ier) topping like, konjac pearls and brown sugar agar jelly.

Not to mention the bio-degradable cups and straw I choose to use just to not hurt the earth as much as the normal plastic we have been using all this time..

Boba Party

Not sure if I can really call this a party.. There will be boba (All you can drink/eat) and hopefully, there will be a group of people. This is not a sure thing UNLESS I can gather 5-10 people or so to join this thing I may assume called 'Boba Party'

Location : At the THIRSTEA Boba Tea Shop or to make it a bit fancier, let's go for 'THIRSTEA Boba Tea Bar'. Please note, this is way off the SF venue. *There're pool tables a few doors down the road and many pubs and restaurants we may go for some dinner and drinks afterwards.

Date and time : November 5th,2019 at 3PM-5PM or so.. It could go on till 6 or 7 depends on how we all feel.

Just to be clear why the 5th...?

I'm nervous of meeting tons of tons of people I have never really met before all at once and I'm sure a lot of you may feel the same way. We could totally have this as a Steem Fest warm-up party to get to know a few more people before the real thing starts!

- Steem is accepted and only Steem is accepted -


Been talking about it forever that the shop would accept Steem. Here comes the right time. Sorry guys! If I were a whale, I would totally sponsor the event all myself! Unfortunately, I'm not one and stuffs cost.

Here's the menu items THIRSTEA serves at the moment but who knows, maybe when the time comes, there might be more variety. There might even be a SPECIAL STEEM BOBA TEA.. Whattt??!


If you are interested in joining, RSVP by sending 55 STEEM to @waybeyondpadthai account with the memo 'STEEM FEST WARM-UP BOBA PARTY ' so I could make sure you will come. IF there are more than 5 people join, then it will sure happen! If not, I will send 55 STEEM right back to your wallet :)


There will be a STEEM FEST WARM-UP BOBA PARTY on November 5th 3PM on at THIRSTEA Boba Tea Shop, with All You Can drink/eat healthy(ier) boba tea for 55 STEEM. If you'd like to join, RSVP by sending 55 STEEM to @waybeyondpadthai's wallet with memo 'STEEM FEST WARM-UP BOBA PARTY '. More than 5 people join, it will happen. Less than 5 people join, 55 STEEM will be sent right back.**

Please help resteem if you think this sounds like fun.. so people will know about it more and maybe join in :)

Mo 🖤

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