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Today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist is Raven

wav-dr2 months ago2 min read

"Some people try their luck in hip hop because they dream about bling and bitches. Steffi alias Raven, sound-engineer-in-training, began rapping to deal with a heartbreak.

It's well-known that creativity blossoms most when you're devastated - and Raven realized that she could actually rap. A woman in hip hop is always a rare specimen. But Raven has no need to imitate the boys. She does, raps and produces her own thing: female fronted electronic rap.

Raven creates fantastic music! She's also a part of the collective Blocktronika. She's done some great collabs too.

I like the vibes that Raven throws down. Dirty fat grooves. She's today #dailywavdr Inspired Artist.

Here song 'Unleash Your Rage' is dirty goodness. I love the Production and the guttural bass. Great groove! It slams hard at the 1 min mark. This is when the club freaks out!


The song Madness (with Newen X) is slamming! Really synth heavy bass driven hard dance. The production rules and makes my 18" sub rattle my Base Boards. Epic.


If ya ever need any guitars, synth or vocals drop me a line Raven.

Stay Inspired.
Dave / wav-Dr.

Here's my latest feat. Bonnie Leggion @soundlegion


The video


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