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wav-dr3 months ago2 min read

After the previous band imploded amidst arguments about Twitter, beer and submarines, Thommo grabbed a dodgy old keyboard, a couple of guitars, a broken computer and whatever else was lying around to create a few tunes of my own.

A slice of punk, a twist of disco, a large portion of electronica and a few helpings of dance. This is super funky!

This music has super sexy vibes to me. It almost reminds me of a mix of 'Luscious Jackson' meets 'Jamiroquai' . Solid grooves, super funky guitar and bass lines and soulful fun vocals. Winning combo.

Thoomo is Today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist.

'Will I Ever' is dripping with funk soul. How can you sit still listening to this? Epic drums, synth lines, funk guitar, wah guitar, keys and great vocals. What I can say is I love it!


'Smile' has a beautiful keyboard intro with tons of depth then this killer bass slams you. The vocals have a 70's vibe that works well with the overall energy of the track. In both cases the Production is Top Notch.


Well I'm inspired how about you?

More Tomorrow.

Dave / wav-Dr.


Recently Thommo has been getting into collaborations, so if you are interested get in touch. You know what Thommo. I will.


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