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The Reverse Engineer's are today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artists.

wav-dr3 months ago2 min read

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Musicians work hard to create, produce and promote. We then hope you'll take the time to listen for free. I know this struggle and that's why I'm doing my part to help other Indie Artists get heard with the Inspired #dailywavdr post.

The Reverse Engineers is a three-piece progressive-alternative rock band. Comprised of brothers William, Daniel and Charles Cote, the group has been creating music since 1997.

These Brothers have been working together in a band for twenty one years! That's inspiring.

The first time I heard them they reminded me of 'Rush'. They have a technical Prog Rock thang going on with a bit of Punk Suburban grit.

You can hear how in-sync they are after playing together for 21 years. They're today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artists.

There song 'Atomic Kid' drops in hard with dissonant Prog shots off the top. The drummer has some serious chops with great fills and overall feel throughout. The snare sound is tight and cracking. The bass is locked in hard with the drums and the guitar plays over the top perfectly. Great vocals too. This totally reminds me off 'Rush'. Rock On guys!


'Out Of Love' is a bit of a softer track. Still Proggy but more on a 'Joy Division' 'Billy Idol' 'Tom Petty' type hybrid. Great overall sound, mix and vibe. I can hear lots of influences resonating through their music but they still have their own unique sound. Good job team Engineer's!


More Tomorrow. Stay Inspired.
Dave / wav-Dr.


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