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Serena Matthews is Today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist.

wav-dr3 months ago2 min read

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I heard Serena when she first came on choon. Buttery, Soulful acoustic guitar work and a voice that makes you stop and listen. Wow. Sometimes music doesn't have to be loud to be Powerful.

Serena says "Really I just throw words down and see what happens." She studied photography and journalism in college and prefers acoustic guitars and quiet rooms. She loves cats and all animals and loves the Moon.

She feels "My recording quality is mediocre, at best. Some people obviously don't care about that and the listen to me anyway. People who aren't so caught up in that kind of thing are the kind of people who are most likely to enjoy my stuff anyway. Organic is not only for foods." Well Serena I care. Your music is beautiful. I'm enjoy a coffee and listening right now.

Serena Matthews is Today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist.

Her song 'Moon Hanging Low' is so soft and warm. I envision sitting on the porch looking up at a big Harvest Moon with the perfect music playing in the background. Serena's voice is perfect for this Genre. Just great music.


'Shotgun Ravens, Pale Night' is haunting. Sure there is a little hiss but that adds to the vibes. Listen to the music. That speaks not the hiss. Brilliant. I love the Harmonic Minor Chord progression. Great job!


More Tomorrow. Stay Inspired


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