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Peter and Ella are today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artists

wav-dr3 months ago

Peter and Ella.jpg
Peter & Ella are from Brisbane Australia 馃嚘馃嚭
Ella writes the lyrics usually true stories and sings and Peter plays the guitars mainly on a 12 string and records the music.

They have also done some Collaborations with some musicians from around the world.

Peter is a great guitar player and Ella has an amazing voice! Power duo for sure.

They have a great mix of Folk, Rock, Jazz and Blues vibes. They're today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artists.

'Loves Pain' starts out with a Jimmy page type acoustic guitar line and then Ella steps in. Her voice reminds me of 'Heart's' singer. Powerful and smooth. Nice little solos happening in the background with a nice overall Mix. Great track!


'High On Life' has a more Jazzy vibe. Nice bass and piano off the top. Here they both show they can walk into a Jazz club and still turn heads. Another killer track you two!


More Tomorrow. Stay Inspired.

Dave / wav-Dr.



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