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Melody Diachun is today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist

wav-dr3 months ago2 min read

Melody Diachun is a Juno Nominated Jazz singer from Canada. She has an amazing range, control, pitch, spirit and drive.

Melody has released lots of music over the years. She's also a Teacher and Department Head at Selkirk College Professional Music Program. She still performs constantly even with her busy schedule. I respect that.

I've been lucky enough to work with her before. Pure talent.

Melody’s latest Album Get Back to the 'Groove' was released June 2018. It showcases her as a soulful, sassy, and playful artist who is at home in the jazz world as well as with blues and R&B. Clearly skilled. Not to mention the super star local band she's got throwing down sick tight grooves.

She's today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist.

Her song 'Get Back To The Groove' has Sass galore! Nice slinky Jazzy dance feel. Great little shots, sweet horns, fat bass and slick guitars. Melody's voice is clear and powerful owning the song when she sings. Can you hear why she was Nominated for a Juno? I sure can.


'Sharp Dressed Man' has a lack of beards but trust me there's still swagger. Fun bluesy jazzy version of a classic. Once again just listen to how amazing each member is. Mel again shows her control and smooth buttery voice on this classic with a twist. Our small Community has such talent and it's because of players like this teaching others. Props and Hat's off to team Melody.



More Tomorrow. Stay Inspired

Dave / wav-Dr.



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