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Mellisa B. is today's Inspired #dailywavdr. Artist.

wav-dr3 months ago2 min read

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Melissa B. has been garnering much attention from fans and critics alike since she independently unveiled her debut EP Exclusively in 2015 in which she was considered for a Grammy nomination. She eventually released a commercial song called “Dancing in the Rain” which shot to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales chart sitting only behind Demi Lavato and Lana Del Ray. This was only the beginning for the South Carolina born and globally raised singer/songwriter whose powerful vocals immediately hypnotize and captivate.

Mellisa B. is an outstanding singer! The tracks have amazing Production and I can see why she shot to #1 on the charts.
The odd thing is she hasn't gotten her fair share of attention from the choon Platform yet. Because I love her stuff and she needs more spins. Mellisa B. is today's Inspired #dailywavdr. Artist.

Her song 'Same Thing' is a sultry beautifully Produced Pop/R&B tune, Written by Jarvis Edwards and Produced by Obrian.
Lyrically, Melissa B. was inspired by, “The power of a woman’s mind and body.” This song oozes late night sexy vibes. Great vocal hook and building back ups. Wow. Huge range and control. Great track team!


'Love Games' once again has next level Production. The arrangement, instrumentation and of course Mellisa's vocals are the Icing on the cake. It has a real cool distorted break that really gives the song some breathing space then back to that fat groove. Epic!


Take the time to have a listen. You won't be disappointed.

Stay Inspired.

Dave / wav-Dr.


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