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Frank Duna is Today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist

wav-dr3 months ago

Frank Duna.jpg
Frank Duna is a talented Composer from Santa Marta, Magdalena.

He's an accomplished Cellist and Guitarist and Independent musician.

Frank motto is "living sounds on my own". I dig that!

As I look outside at the snow Franks music transports me to somewhere warm and Tropical. He's today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist.

His song '1 AM' is smooth and sultry. The acoustic guitar lays down the foundation with cello, shaker and strings adding to the atmosphere and warm vibes.


Franks song 'Menguante' once again has beautiful acoustic guitar playing in an almost sad reflective somber song. It still has warm vibes but it seams more vulnerable and soft. Beautiful playing and music Amigo!


More Tomorrow, Stay Inspired.

Dave / wav-Dr.



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