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Drumoperator is today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist

wav-dr3 months ago

Something I like is when Artist's morph sonically and they don't fit into a Genre bubble.

I like all sorts of music so the same sound after awhile losses my attention.

Quality is what keeps my attention.

Drumoperator is one of these bands. Very different from track to track except the quality is always there.

They are Today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist.

'Abstractions I' is one of these haunting soundscape rich tracks that make me think of the desert heat. The synth sounds are deep and huge with little percussive elements pulling on your emotions. It creates an amazing Atmosphere. Great job


'Abstractions II' is more energized. Picking up from before with a more playful uplifting energized vibe. Sound is deep and rich and dripping with anticipation. Bravo.


DRUMOPERATOR creates ambient minimal techno and soundtracks for Chiba City chase sequences.

DRUMOPERATOR is RIYD Geoff Barrow, Clint Mansell, Efdemin, Oneohtrix Point Never, BOC.


Check out behind the scenes track construction and live video performances at: steemit.com/@drumoperator

More Tomorrow. Stay Inspired.
Dave / wav-Dr.

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