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DNPQ is today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist

wav-dr3 months ago

DNPQ is an Electronic music producer creating an original, stylish, bouncy, upbeat and scruffy new sound featuring elements of House and Techno.

It's very fresh funky music. Not predictable and always throwing you tasty new ideas with great Production and Beats.

He's also a member of Blocktronika the music Collective: https://www.blocktronika.com

He's today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist.

'Uncomfortable' is great Dance track. Sweet Arp bass, slick syncopated lines, little stutters, stops, shots and goodness to keep your ears perked up and your feet moving. Great job!


'Hurt' has awesome bass swells off the Top. Filter sweeps and then the beat slams you. Industrial aggressive beats attack your brain and leave you pulsing. Once again great idea with punchy Production. Bravo Mate.


Bandcamp: https://dnpq.bandcamp.com/
Channels: https://channels.cc/channel/dnpq
Facebook: https://facebook.com/dnpqofficial

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@dnpq
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dnpqofficial

More Tomorrow. Stay Inspired
Dave / wav-Dr.

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