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Collaborations have been my Inspiration recently.

wav-dr3 months ago

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Expanding my comfort zone and musical friendships lately have been really exciting and eye/ear opening for me.

Since May 2018. I've had the honour of working with Junkfeathers. Tyger Tyger, HunterFoxzAC, Juxta, Marco Svarda, Nick Reed, djmf, The Sixth Stone, Flip My Beatz, Daveyhub and Bonnie Legion.

Thank you for all your musical Inspiration and friendships.

I continue to learn from working with Class acts like this.

This is today's #inspiration.

What's even more exciting is it's just the beginning. Nicky Havey (amazing Liquid Bass Producer), Amphlux (total musical genius/wizard) are currently working on Remixes.

And I've got more tricks and Collabs up my sleeve. Who's next? You'll have to wait to see.

To the people who listen, share and support me on this musical Journey. Thank you. You Inspire me and I so appreciate this Indie support and love. In a cluttered World it's hard to get people to take the time to press play. So thanks for hitting that button.

Here's my latest with Bonnie Legion

Here's a Playlist of the Choon collabs.

Here's the collab with Flip My Beatz

Cover Pic-created by Bonnie Legion


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