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Beats4Change is today's inspired #dailywavdr Artist

wav-dr3 months ago


Soren Groth loves to play guitar, and compose songs about issues that concern him!!

(When jamming with his You can find him under the artist name Nyertun brother Vagn Groth = Grothbros )

Anyone who steps up and tries to raise awareness has my respect. Music for a good cause resonates with me even more.

I just did a benefit for our Local Watershed that is threatened to be Logged. Music is powerful and can be used for good and not just for our Egos.

That's why Beats4Change is today's inspired #dailywavdr Artist. Hats of to you Soren.

'4th 3. Transposition' starts with a dirty slap bass and ominous keyboard line that lays down some serious heavy vibes. Tension builds through out and it's a great over all track. Production sounds good as well.


'Be Free' has a mellower vibe with a quirky guitar melody. Nice drum sounds and bass line. I dig the Rock/Fusion/Jazz vibes on this one.


Stay Inspired.
Dave / wav-Dr.

Here's a collab of mine with Bonnie Legion.


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