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Avatar Computer and Technology is today's Inspired #dailywavdr Computer Wizard.

wav-dr3 months ago

My friend Dan Nelson is a total computer Wizard.

He helped set up the cabling system for Columbia Wireless in our area.

Does high end audio Car Installations.

Great human. Pleasure to be around.

Teaches computer skills and development.

Started Avatar Computer and Technology.

He has saved my computer so many times I've lost count. I am so appreciative. I had to put it in words.

He build my ProTools tower initially and continues to maintain it.

Yesterday I was tracking guitars for Hip Hop Producer Flip My Beatz and my tower dies. I panic. I hate when my gear is down.

So who do I call? Dan. Took it in and I'm back up and running again. Just wanted to write this before I re-setup.

Thank you my friend. You're today's Inspired #dailywavdr Computer Wizard.

If you need help. Dan is the Man


More tomorrow.
Dave / wav.Dr.

Because of Dan I can create this


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