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Adiv Williams is Today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist

wav-dr2 months ago

adiv williams.jpeg

Adiv Williams is a independent Musician, Composer, Producer, Multi-instrumentalist. As guitarists we learned all the other aspects of music so we have backing tracks to play with. Eventually we become proficient on multiple instruments. I get that too Adiv. Props Mate.

Because you've done this all yourself including all the promo and your web presence. Adiv Williams you are today's Inspired #dailywavdr Artist.

'Wild Blond' kicks off with a great drum fill intro then into a crazy synth tone guitar backed (I think?) riff. Cool. Nice bass line. Dissonant guitar riff and quirky'UK' sounding vocals. Sounds great bud!


'Games Of Madness' is a cool more laid back vibe. Nice sparse intro into a killer guitar riff with heavy delay on in. Great drumming and stealthy bass line that locks it all together. Nice one!


More Tomorrow. Stay Inspired.
Dave / wav-Dr.

Here's my latest work with the amazing Bonnie Legion @soundlegion



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