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The man with smiling teeth

warpedwhalePosted 7 months ago for Everyone to comment on2 min read

He moves mountains & pounds earth
to dust; this man walking the slope,
shoulders bent with burdens great.
It is his eyes, those sky reaches,
that captures the sun, It is his beard,
those dense forests, that gathers dust
awaken beneath his stumbling feet
to fill the spaces on his bones
that have gone to rust. This man;
he rises like thrush from river green,
he rises like clouds fleeing thunder
of a coming storm; this man
of smiling lips & careful speech.
He meets a woman on his journey
& leaves her wings, he calls her
by her name, stands by the road, watches her be beautiful, be goddess,
be the seashore light, something
to bring him back from death;
this man of tender hands & solitude.
He takes her breath into his kisses,
his eyes a fire flaring like the last light
of a wind tossed wick, he battles
his demons beneath her naked stare
& swallows her anger with his hunger;
this man of sharp teeth & disjointed
whispers. He flies into her womb,
a remembered face, his feet seeking
more pain to carry, more regret
to bear; this man of little thought & no love.

📷: pixabay

Note: I removed this poem from a recent rejection pile, did some edits on it before dropping it here. It has actually derived from a few lines from the Lana Del Rey song, This is how to disappear. It is one of my all time favourite songs.

©Osahon, 2020.


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