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Of sunsets

warpedwhalePosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 years ago

​​​​​​This is a song for burdened hearts,

​Who wonder far & wander lost:

Of hungry gods & goddesses untamed,

The fevered worship of trees & grass;

​Of pink sunsets & yellow sunrises,

​The mirrored gaze of the river;

​Of the sweet pollen peopled earth,

​The bees' curious buzz;

​Of the city filled with neon signs,

​The taxi driver's weary sigh;

​Of a mother's constant warmth,

​The wild shadows of lamp light;

​Of the stars & the moon's sway,

​A lover's tender hands steering to shore;

​Of the infinite reaches of Space,

​The ever arching needs of the horizon;

​These are small mercies, little joys,

​Canopied over the gross days,

​The dark tasteless nights.

📷: ​Pixabay

First Posted in a whim on uptrennd. Loved it and brought it here. Namaste.
©Osahon, 2020.

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