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Lightning Round: COMESTIBLE - a 99-word story- apostrophe

warpedwhalePosted for apostrophe Pod Members to comment on, 4 years ago

Hello there, this is my first apostrophe pod 99- word challenge. This is a lightning rou d and the word for the day is Comestible.


She was the light above me when I awoke from the dreams. Her smile fell on me like dewdrop from waking flowers, her smell invaded me like air entering every pore, touching every follicle. I wanted her in my body like the butter, the thyme, the eggs, the bacon, and any other comestible on my table but she never stayed. With her smile still shimmering on my face, she winked at me and sashayed like a ship finding the sea, away, far away from me until she faded I to the night of my dreams and I came awake.

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