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Let's bring quality Whaleshares content to Gridcoin Twitter

vortac2 months ago3 min read

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If you are a Gridcoin fan, you have surely noticed a sore lack of content on our Official Twitter. During the last month, only one tweet was made - it received 2 comments, 8 retweets and 19 likes. For a Twitter with 15.2k followers, that's rather disappointing, to put it mildly. If you ask me, the solution to this problem is right before us - more than 15 quality articles about Gridcoin were posted on Whaleshares during the same time! We should simply tweet about them, with a corresponding Whaleshares link and a short commentary. But our Twitter admins have been reluctant to do so, citing fears of 'monetization' and favoring Reddit and Medium platforms instead. I think that's a bad decision and a harmful policy which is paralyzing our Twitter and is detrimental to our marketing efforts overall, for a number of reasons:

1. Both Reddit and Medium are obsolete platforms. You can post only dull walls of text on Reddit and Medium's own "clap" function is obviously inferior compared to Whaleshares' decentralized rewards system. Registered Medium users can clap the same article 50 times, can it get more ridiculous than that?

2. Nearly everyone on our subreddit is with Gridcoin already. From a marketing standpoint, it makes very little sense to promote our content to people who we have already recruited.

3. Medium has a sign-up softwall, getting in the way when you open more than two articles there without signing up. Upon opening a third article, you will get an ugly popup window like this:


No such nonsense on Whaleshares

4. Our content on Medium is getting very little traction. There are virtually no comments and even the number of "claps" we get is often below 10, which is negligible (despite them being completely free, unlike Whaleshares upvotes which cost voting power). Moreover, our official Medium has got only 55 followers which is obviously disastrously low - even newbie accounts here on Whaleshares have more followers than that.

5. On the other hand, Whaleshares is very-well suited for posting crypto-related content. A lot of potential crypto-investors are hanging around here, who might be willing to invest in Gridcoin. We have a lot of high-quality articles about Gridcoin and BOINC, upvoted by many people, including both science and crypto-enthusiasts and there's a lot of interaction and shares. Our Whaleshares content is always upvoted by @customminer and me, guaranteeing high visibility. Such well-upvoted content is more likely to attract the attention of potential investors than our unnoticed Medium posts.

I say it's time to breathe some new life into our Twitter! Therefore, I will be creating a poll for that purpose, with a sole question "Do you support Whaleshares content on our Official Twitter"? If you supported my Marketing Initiative, I encourage you to vote 'Yes' on this new poll too. We need to promote our quality Whaleshares content, on Twitter and everywhere else.

Vote now through your Gridcoin wallets to make our Twitter more relevant and in accordance with modern crypto-platforms, not Reddit!


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