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vitPosted for Everyone to comment on, 2 months ago2 min read


Hi Whalesharians, I am glad to invite you to a new, Whaleshares-compatible web app for crypto savvy poets.

Rich Poet can help you write a short poem, put it on a beautiful, modern-looking backgound, and then either download for free, or convert to your very own NFT for a small service fee (less than 1$).

After having it minted, you can also post it directly to Whaleshares with accompanying text.

And of course, this service is not for poets only. I believe that an original NFT-poem can be a very cool gift for someone very special. Because, once created, high chances are it won't ever disappear, for this is what blockchain is about. And if you become famous, your grandsons will sell that piece for millions to recreate you again from a tooth you lost when starving :)

Needless to say, the app is in beta now, and while I did my best to make sure all main features are working as planned, bug reports and suggestions are very welcome.

Have a look, try it in action, share your feedback, tell friends — any contributions, and especially those about potential ways of using the app on this platform, will be very appreciated... in this wrong time, on this wrong place... because this is how miracles happen :)

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