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Float Mixes by Virtualex - We-Talent Round 3

virtualex7 months ago2 min read

Hey there,

I just joined Whaleshares today and I am just "getting the feel of it" by sharing one of my tracks I created last summer :-).

I am producing music as a hobby in my spare time - just for the fun of it.

I made the track after my brother-in-law donated a new softsynth (NI Reaktor Blocks) to me as a birthday present. I have been using it heavily ever since.

I added the SoundCloud link for easy listening and a youtube video with some visualization experiments.

Have fun!

The first mix (Surging)

Rising Mix

Aother version of the track with a shorter intro and more trance like vibe.

My first try on a video :-)


Juxta live

There has also been an live performance of @Juxta himself on his Radio Evolved Show @atomcollector - singing some @theturtleproject Lyrics over my song - really loved it :-). I seems links with timestamps don't work - please go to 46:30 in the video to listen to Float (the other stuff is good too! :-)


This is a peak at the project file in FL-Studio


bts: virtu-alex


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