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viking-venturesPosted to Public4 months ago4 min read

Here's just a little mix of views around Astoria, Oregon.

These are the pictures that Astorians like to look at about now - when it's dark, rainy and dreary. They like to remember that there are times in the summer when it's absolutely glorious!

These first two pictures were taken pointing out the window as we were crossing Youngs Bay on the "new" bridge. (It's been around longer than I have...)


First, pointed south towards Lewis and Clark with Saddle Mountain hidden behind the clouds.

These two pictures were taken only minutes apart and shows the morning fog "burning off" into the afternoon for a glorious day.

This one is taken towards the east (probably ESE), towards the Astor Column on top of the hill there. Astoria High School is along the highway over there as well.


Near the Flavel Mansion (the old one), you can get a good view of what many Astorians see on a daily basis (especially during the summer) - ocean-going ships awaiting the turn of the tide so they can go out to see - or further up the river towards Portland.

This is an empty ship, probably going up to Longview to get logs. It's facing downstream due to the placement of the anchor and the motion of the river.


Next, we have a group of pictures I took from around the Astor Column (officially renamed the Astoria Column at some point, bowing to misconception...) The column - like Astoria itself - was named after John Jacob Astor - who is also the contributor of the name of the other Astoria (in New York - a section of Queens.)

Some pictures looking west towards the Pacific Ocean - over the Megler bridge which was constructed in the 60s to take people across the mouth of the Columbia to Washington (four miles away here) for a toll. This toll was removed in the 90s after the bridge was paid off - ahead of schedule. Before the bridge, there were ferries across the river for most of the 90 miles inland to Portland.




A not-so-brilliant pair of photos with my zoom lens. (I didn't have my stick out of the car - which I should have done...)

Just gives you an idea of the size of these ships and how close they were... Looking at it, I think my guess of a logging ship is probably correct.



Before the "new" bridge across Youngs Bay, you had to take the smaller bridges around it. These are all draw bridges with grating in the lift sections - my husband's greatest bridge phobia (besides height.)


The mouth of Youngs River and it empties into the Bay. Again, Saddle Mountain is obscured by cloud. This mountain was considered sacred to the local natives.


The "new" Youngs Bay Bridge...
There used to be a train trestle all the way across as well - not far upstream from the road bridge. It had a swing bridge for boat traffic to get in and out when there was no train.


And a final view of the Megler Bridge.


Photos taken by myself in August 2019 with my Pentax K30.

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